Transguard Living is dedicated to offering its customers comprehensive service options to meet their specific needs.

As an Ultimate Maintenance subscriber, we are happy to offer you several benefits.  

Ultimate Maintenance Features:

As a Ultimate Package subscriber, you will have access to specific services in addition to any option you wish to add to your cart prior to checkout.

Our Unlimited Callouts benefit means that Transguard Living is on call to deploy our trained technicians as many times as required during the contract period; our team is on hand to resolve or contain any emergency faults. However, emergency faults do not include works that need to be quoted to fix the root cause of the system fault. Note that in these circumstances, customer’s approval and payment is required initially before we can proceed with the work.

Monthly Paying Customers

Clients with Maintenance Contracts who pay monthly shall only be entitled to receive the first planned preventive maintenance after completion of three (3) monthly consecutive payments.


Maintenance Call Outs

Emergency callouts with a response time of 60 minutes, and non-emergency callouts with a maximum response time of 4 hours, 24/7 for: (Subject to no access impediment)

  • AC Repairs

  • Plumbing Repairs

  • Electrical repairs

  • Minor Carpentry and Masonry

Emergency Faults are as below:

  • Complete electricity failure

  • Breakage of waterlines and flooding

  • Complete unavailability of water supply

  • Complete failure of AC systems in the entire premises


Scheduled Maintenance (PPM) will be arranged and scheduled as per the scope of services purchased.


AC planned preventive maintenance includes the following:

  • Checking all equipment operation (as per installed design)

  • Checking of refrigerant suction and discharge pressures if applicable (DX units)

  • Check and record all electrical components

  • Checking chilled water temperatures (Chilled water units)

  • Cleaning of non-concealed coils (using water)

  • Cleaning of drip trays and drain lines

  • Cleaning of pre-filters

  • Cleaning of chilled water strainer (Chilled water units)


Plumbing planned preventive maintenance includes the following:

  • Check for leaks / corrosion in visible pipes

  • Test and record suitable system pressure (as per design)

  • Checking of showerheads and drains for any visible blockage

  • Checking for blockages and correct drainage

  • Check function and operation of pressure relief valves


Electrical planned preventive maintenance includes the following:

  • Cleaning of outer housing panels (DB cabinet),

  • Inspect and record all wire insulation for damages and correct readings

  • Check for overheating wires and copper parts using thermography

  • Tighten terminal lugs and wiring connections

  • Check for unusual noise and vibration

  • Check that all covers / doors are secure, tighten bolts and nuts/ loose connections

  • Inspect for physical damages dents and rusts (DB cabinets)

  • Check functionality of all sockets and switches


Carpentry and Masonry Services

Services include:

  • Repair of door locks, cupboard and cabinet hinges, drawer slides

  • Repair of doors, windows and fly screens (excluding replacements)

  • Repair of external aluminum or PVC, windows and doors

  • Application of silicone, minor touch up paint and tile grouting (within a time of one hour)

Services exclude:

  • Sliding windows and doors

  • Internals mechanism repairs

  • New installations, ceiling repairs, glass, floor repairs and lamination / polishing of woodworks


Spare Parts

Spare parts are defined as any specific item that will need to be purchased to fix faults in the air conditioning, plumbing or electrical system.

The following list of spare parts specify the materials included and excluded in an Ultimate Package:


Air Conditioning



Fan Motor


Fan Blade

Replacement of Coils or Entire AC Units

AC Temperature Thermostat (up to AED 300.00)

Insulation works on Both DX and Chilled Water systems

AC gas-recharging (up to 2kg if required)

Replacement of concealed ducting or piping

Actuator (up to AED 300.00)

Any Faults Relating to capacity or design


PC Boards

Contactors and Relays

Cable and Wiring

Filter Dryers

Valve Housings and strainers





Water heater thermostats

Water heaters

Gate valves

Water pumps

Flush actuators

Toilet flush kit

Flex pipes

WC (complete toilet)

Float valves

Wash basin


Mixer taps


Concealed piping / Water Leaks


Garden irrigation system works


Design Issues





Light switches (up to AED 150.00)

Power distribution board

Cooker switch (up to AED 200.00)

Light bulbs/lamps

Power socket (up to AED 200.00)

Concealed wiring


Home automation systems (Intercom/intrude systems)


Capacitor Banks


Pump or motor windings and replacement

*Terms & Conditions apply

***Effective as of the 1st of January 2018, and in accordance with the Federal Decree Law No.8 of 2017, the Value Added Tax (“VAT”) will be charged in addition to the price.


Ultimate Monthly Package

    Monthly from
    AED 275.53